List Of Non-Popular Google Products You May Never Hear About

Everyone is this planet know about the common products of google like:

  1. Google Search Engine
  2. Gmail
  3. Youtube
  4. G Drive
  5. Android
  6. Google PlayStore
  7. Google Maps
  8. Google Calender
  9. Google Plus
  10. Google Photos
  11. Google Chrome
  12. Google Translate
  13. Google Play Movies & TV
  14. Chromecast
  15. Google Play Music
  16. Google Adsense
  17. Google Adwords

There are lot many other common things left in this list because the quantity is big. But here’re I’m gonna tell you the web and non-web products google have and I’m damn sure you never hear about them.

Here we’re trying to make the list of bunch of the products that are underrated but yet very powerful services/products/tools google has launched. But still we’re never sure the hidden gems google own because this giant commpany always do researches and make the innovative programs.

So, Let’s get started without wasting the time

1: Google Mars –

  • Google Maps is very common app/service among us but yet extremely helpful which help us to explore the directions and the ways. None any GPS Map tool is powerful like the google maps. But very few knows about the Google Mars. Simply as the Google maps, Google Mars gives you the 3D view of the planet Mars. But you just can’t explore it like the Google Earth or Google Maps. Google Mars provide you the relief, visible and infrared view of the red Planet.

2: Google Body / Zygote body –

  • This is the another amazing web product google has introduced and not become very popular such like the G+ or Gmail etc., but yet this is the very interesting google own. ZygoteBody gives you the 3D model of the human body structure. if you’re the biology student or you’ve the interest in the human body. This website may can help you a lot. You can view the naked viens structure of the body, Bone structure, muscle structure, organ structure of the human body. Since ZygiteBody gives you 3D access so simple you can zoom whatever part. In fact with the help of great 3D view you can zoom in upto the micro organs which human body generally have.

3: Google Person Finder –

  • This is another great nonprofit service google may have introduce. Google Person Finder application gives you ability to reconnect with Friends, Family, Colleagues etc., after the natural and humanitarian crises. It was developed back in 2001 after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Building, Manhattan, NYC – US. Person Finder is been used several times, including in response to Typhoon Yolanda, the Boston Marathon Explosions, the 2013 Uttarakhand floods and Tropical Cyclone Phailin.

4: Google Arts & Cultural –

  • You just simply can’t ignore the Google Arts & Culture gallery site if you’re the explorer and antiques lover. Google Cultural Institute provides a wealth of “exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world. To provide the world’s information to its user, google partnered with thousands of institute with a view to hosting the world’s “cultural treasures” online. The Institute plans to safeguard the world’s social manifestations and make them open online now and for who and what is to come.

5: Google Music Timeline –

  • Google Music Timeline may didn’t got the fame but it is still very compelling. The given graph on the site shows the popularity of music genres relative from each other since 50’s. Users can tap on sorts to bore down into sub-classification and can tap on sub-kinds to penetrate down further still to critical craftsmen. Google Music Timeline is part the part of Google’s Big Picture Group, a research group that “explores how information visualization can make complex data accessible, useful and even fun.”

6: Google Helpouts –

  • Google Helpouts was shutdown officially in April 20, 2015. Google Helpouts was the free gallery to learn new things from the related experts of the field. They were offering the video sessions on various categories such as art and music, computers and electronics, cooking and health. But unfortunately this gem is no longer online.

7: Google Ad Grants :

  • Many of you guys know about the google adwords if you’re promoting your business online through the Google Search engine, Youtube, Gmail, Banners (On various webmaster sites) etc., But if you’re running the NGO you don’t need to pay for advertisements. Google offers US $10,000 per month to promote non-profit organisation’s missions and initiatives.


That’s all we’ve know folks but we appreciate if you let us know more about other unknown services of google’s down through the comment section.

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